Welcome to ASL Password Change Page

This password change form uses the following rules:
8 - 11 characters: requires upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols e.g. ! & , $ % ^ * @ #
12 - 15 characters: requires upper/lowercase letters and numbers
16 - 19 characters: requires upper/lowercase letters
20+ characters: any characters

For example:
happysunlightkittens (20 characters)
puppy@5snowFall (15 characters, 1 symbol, 1 number, and 1 uppercase letter)

Click this link for more information about passwords

IMPORTANT: After successfully changing your password on campus you must restart your computer. Once you log in with the new password you will see an alert. Just click the Create New Keychain button. You will need to log back into all websites and services with your new ASL password.

OPTIONAL: You can Open the Password Generator in New Tab to get ideas for strong passwords.

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